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Squid rings


Composition Squid rings, water
Brand BonDelaMar

PolarSeaFood squid rings

Squid meat is healthier than meat of many terrestrial animals

Engaged in the distribution of squid rings, POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA delivers highest quality product to the market. Special instant freezing keeps all healthy and nutritious qualities of squid meat throughout its shelf life.

Squid rings suitable for preparing dietary meals

Squid meat, unlike any other, is quickly digested by human body. Squid nutrients help to establish the metabolic processes. Squid rings can be used to prepare many dishes: salads, soups and hot main dishes.

Did you know that ...

The largest squid ever found has reached a length of over 18 meters, with the majority (about 12 meters) fell on its tentacles. Scientists also suggest that squid can accommodate up to 30 meters long
in the depths of the ocean.