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Squid fillet


Composition Squid fillets, water
Validity period 12 months
Brand PolarSeaFood

Squid fillets from PolarSeaFood

Squid meat is more useful to the human body than meat of animals.

Thanks to high-quality processing and further freeze squid fillets from POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA maintain its quality throughout the storage period. Squid meat contains huge amount of vitamins, protein, and demi acid making it one of the best products for a useful and balanced diet.

Squid fillets - a product for every day

If you practice good nutrition, but like to diversify the diet, squid fillet акщь POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA - this is exactly what you need. Squid meat can be used for making a variety of dishes, including salads and diet meals. Your body will be getting plenty of necessary substances thanks to this product.

Did you know that ...

Squid is one of the fastest marine sprinters, overtaken only by such sea inhabitants as dolphin, tuna and swordfish.