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Mussels on shells


PolarSeaFood mussels on seashells

Mussels on seashells - an original, tasty and healthy product

Mussels on seashells or clams in the shell provided by POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA is very useful and tasty product that gains popularity on the tables of our compatriots lately. Mussels we offer contain all their inherent nutrients thanks to modern processing.

Mussels on seashells adorn any table

Due to the large amount of vitamins, protein, as well as micro-and macroelements mussels are excellent dietary product, which is indispensable for various diets, not only for weight loss, but also bracing.

Did you know that ...

Mussel shells can reach a length of more than 15 centimeters. At the same time this mollusk lives from five to thirty years. Mussels live in the temperate waters of the southern and northern hemispheres.