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Composition minced fish surimi, artesian water, starch, egg white, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, crab flavor identical to natural, natural dye E160S
Validity period at temperatures between +5 ° C to minus 1C - 75 days
Brand PolarSeaFood

PolarSeaFood crab meat

Our crab meat retains all valuable nutrients

By avoiding the use of harmful substances, including many components that have the "E" prefix, POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA's crab meat can be characterized by excellent taste and macro -and microelement base, beneficial to the human body. All its beneficial qualities and cooking product are retained throughout its shelf life .

Crab meat - a product for the preparation of many favorite dishes

Unlike crab sticks, which are also available for our sale, crab meat can be used for the preparation of wider variety of meals, including entrees and secons dishes. Crab meat itself can also be used as starter.

Did you know that ...

Crab meat, as well as other products from surimi is made ​​from specially processed(minced) fish meat that allows you to keep all of its nutritional quality .