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Composition Shrimp
Validity period 12 months
Brand PolarSeaFood

PolarSeaFood frozen tiger shrimps

Rich in macro-and microelements, tiger shrimp are raised on farms along Pacific coast

POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA is one of the leading suppliers of shrimps for the domestic market. We offer shrimp that are grown on special farms in Ecuador, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries in the Pacific Basin . Fast processing and subsequent freezing can increase the shelf life of shrimps and keep their best qualities.

PolarSeaFood frozen tiger shrimps are supplied:

  • boiled in the shell;
  • raw in the shell;
  • cooked and peeled;

Tiger shrimp - a treasure of useful elements

Tiger shrimp meat contains a lot of useful minerals. Iodine, low-fat acid, calcium, omega-3 polyacid, minerals - all these and many other elements of shrimp meat make it one of the best and healthiest seafood.

Did you know that ...

Prawn got its name thanks to the black stripes along the body. Such shrimp can reach weight of 650 grams and length of more than 35 centimeters.