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Composition Shrimp
Validity period 12 months
Brand BonDelMar

PolarSeaFood frozen shrimp features

Juicy and tasty shrimp is harvested in the clean waters of the Arctic.

POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA is one of the leading suppliers of frozen shrimp. Most shrimp are caught by fishermen of North Sea. Shrimp are evaluated and then frozen on board on a permanent production line. Short period of time between harvesting and processing provide high quality and freshness of the products.

Our frozen shrimp ( various sizes ) are classified as:

  • boiled in shell;
  • raw in shell;
  • cooked and peeled;

Shrimp from the waters of the Arctic - pure delights of nature

Unlike shrimp found in warm waters, our shrimp live exclusively on pure nutrition provided by nature itself. Shrimp we supply live wild in the sea. Shrimp grow slowly in the icy water, which gives its meat a firm texture and fresh taste .

  • Замороженные креветки
  • Замороженные креветки
  • Замороженные креветки

Did you know that ...

Shrimp that inhabits the waters of the Arctic is a hermaphrodite, meaning it changes sex during its life cycle. It is born as male and it changes to the female during lifetime. Change occurs after 2-5 years, depending on their habitat's water temperature. Shrimp live at a depth of between 150 to 500 meters.

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