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Composition Shrimp
Validity period 12 months
Brand PolarSeaFood

 PolarSeaFood frozen prawns features:

Delicious prawns are grown on special farms along Pacific coast

POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA is among the leading suppliers of frozen prawns. Our shrimp is grown in ponds with seawater in Vietnam, Thailand, Ecuador and other countries in the Pacific coast. Shrimp exposed to freezing immediately after processing. This guarantees the preservation of their taste and longer shelf life.

Our king prawns are delivered:

  • boiled in the shell;
  • raw in the shell;
  • cleaned and ready for consumption;

King prawns - great deli product

King prawns that grown in close to its natural habitat are one of the best low-calorie products, that is indispensable in the diets and maintaining good physical shape. It is proved that regular consumption of shrimp is an opportunity to normalize the hormonal balance and cleanse the blood of harmful elements. It is high content of iodine contributes to the normal development of children.

Did you know that ...

The family of so-called king prawns contains about ten species of these crustaceans, belonging to five families of peneidnyh shrimp. Such shrimp can reach length of more than 20 centimeters within a year of life.