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Steaks trout


Composition Trout, water
Validity period 12 months
Brand PolarSeaFood

PolarSeaFood frozen trout steakes

Our trout steaks retain all their nutritional value

Freezing directly in fishing ground using shock freeze technology allows trout steaks to retain full range of vitamins and other beneficial substances throughout the storage period. Today POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA is among the leading suppliers of fish steaks on the domestic market. Our products are environmentally friendly and contain no preservatives.

Welcome trout steaks to your table

Our stakes is a product you need if you prefer red fish. They are already prepared for cooking. You only need to defrost them and cook to your liking. Trout steaks can be eaten fried,baked, boiled and pickled. They are also good to prepare various dishes.

Did you know that ...

Trout is one of the most voracious freshwater fish, which can eat more than 70% of its own weight per day. Trout should eat at least 10 pounds of small fish daily in order to achieve the weight of one kilogram.