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Steaks cod


Composition Cod, water
Validity period 12 months
Brand PolarSeaFood

PolarSeaFood frozen cod steaks

Tasty and healthy cod for your nutrition

Provided by POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA, quality processing and freezing of our cod steaks directly on the fishing ground without the use of preservatives keeps the nutritional quality of this production throughout the whole storage period.

Steaks of cod is a great product for every day

Unlike animals meat, the meat of marine fish, including cod, has the better nutritional value. Cod is grown under natural conditions and thatswhy cod meat does not contain any harmful substances andis full of vitamins, macro -and microelements.

Cod steaks can be eaten boiled, fried, and even smoked . They can be used for preparation of various first and second courses. PolarSeaFood cod steaks remain tasty and soft in any form.

Did you know that ...

It is recommended not to refreeze thawed cod, because the  meat will lose its attractive appearance. It is also recommended to defrost the fish gradually.