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Сod triangles


Composition pollack, cod, wheat flour, corn flour, milk, starch, water, salt, egg powder, vegetable oil, food additive E450, turmeric
Validity period 12 months
Brand PolarSeaFood

PolarSeaFood cod triangles

Cod triangles - a dietary product for every day

If you prefer fish, then PolarSeaFood cod triangles - this is the product you need. Defrost it and a path for great fried fish dish is opened, no matter if you prefer it as standalone or combined with garnish.

Our cod triangles retain all the nutritional quality of fish

Cod - one of the few species that has meat that contains about 20 % protein and a minimum amount of fat. The meat of this fish has a set of necessary vitamins, minerals , macro -and micronutrients vital for normal functioning of the human body. POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA uses special manufacturing methods to keep the nutritional quality of fish meat.

Did you know that ...

Cod tongue and cheek was considered a special treat at all times . That is why the soup from cod cheeks was integral in noble canteens.