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Salmon triangles


Composition trout, wheat flour, corn flour, milk, starch, water, salt, egg powder, vegetable oil, food additive E450, turmeric
Validity period 12 months
Brand PolarSeaFood

PolarSeaFood salmon triangles

Salmon triangles - a treasure of necessary elements

Salmon family fish meat is among the most useful products for anyone. High content of vitamins, protein, minerals and other nutrients makes it a great diet meal for every day. Due to the large amount of protein well absorbed by the human body, it is also good for children.

POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA salmon triangles  - product for every day

Thanks to a special production technology, frozen salmon triangles retain their nutritional and culinary qualities throughout the storage period. They can be roasted immideately after defreezing, which saves time and effort of every housewife. On the other hand - your food will remain healthy and complete.

Did you know that ...

The largest salmon ever caught was 40 pounds in weight, it is more than two times heavier than the average representative of the salmon family.