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Fish sticks


Composition pollock, wheat flour, milk, starch, water, salt, food additive E450
Validity period 12 months
Brand PolarSeaFood

PolarSeaFood fish sticks

Fish sticks for your healthy nutrition

Fish meat is considered by many nutritionists more useful than animal meat. It does not contain any substance capable of harm to the human body and degrade the performance of its systems and organs. Fish sticks produced by POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA retain all useful and culinary quality throughout their shelf life, thanks to special manufacturing procedures.

Our fish stick contain minimal amount of preservatives

Focusing on the production of healthy products, our company uses the minimum amount of preservatives and substances with the "E" prefix for the production of frozen fish sticks. It helps to retain all beneficial qualities of fish meat.

Did you know that ...

Fish sticks are made ​​from cod species fish whose meat is considered the real fount of protein and minerals.