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Fish semifinished items

Fish semifinished items

PolarSeaFood semifinished products

POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA semifinished products - a dish for every day

Semifinished fish products of our production are fully prepared for cooking and retain all the nutritional qualities as well as a set of micro- and macroelements. Using special technology with a minimal amount of preservatives helps keep the fish fresh and tasty throughout the storage period.

Fish semifinished products is an excellent dietary product

If you prefer fish to cattle meat, then our semi-finished products is exactly what you need. Fish meat used for the manufacture of our products is full of protein, and has minimal amount of fat, making it one of the best foods in the diet.

Did you know that ...

Eating frozen fish products (like sticks) was invented by Eskimos several centuries ago. Gradually, the product started appearing in the U.S. market, and received worldwide spread in the 19th century.