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Composition Perch fillet, water
Validity period 12 months
Brand PolarSeaFood

PolarSeaFood walleye fillet

Walleye fillet is among the traditional products in our country

Walleye meat is among the most delicious and healthy of all members of the freshwater fish family. Valued for its exceptional taste, white tender meat, and the lack of small bones. Many dishes can be prepared from walleye meat: starting from simple grilled steak and finishing with rolls and entrees.

Walleye fillet contains many useful microelements

The nutritional quality of walleye is known to our compatriots since ancient times. This rich in proteins environmentally friendly product contains almost no fat, so it is recommended as a dietary product. Walleye fillet produced by POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA using quality modern processing and freezing helps the meat retain all its natural properties throughout the storage period.

Did you know that ...

Along with plenty of protein, walleye meat contains about 20 amino acids, minerals, and  a number of vitamins important for the human body .