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Composition Tilapia fillets, water
Validity period 12 months
Brand PolarSeaFood

PolarSeaFood tilapia fillets

Freshwater tilapia fillets is very useful for human

Freshwater tilapia eats algae, plankton and other organic products found in rivers and lakes. Unlike many other sorts of fish, tilapia has truly delicate taste. This is exceptional considering that the fish lives in fresh water.

Tilapia fillets is a veritable goldmine of protein

The most significant advantage of tilapia meat is that it contains about 20 % protein. The amount of fat in the meat does not exceed 2 % , and therefore, a fillet of fish can be considered an excellent dietary product. Tilapia meat is not devoid of other nutrients: phosphorus, calcium, iodine and some vitamins.

Did you know that ...

This particular fish was used by Jesus to feed five thousand of his companions, according to the biblical text, and St. Peter caught mostly tilapia before becoming an apostle.