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Composition Halibut portioned meat, water
Validity period 12 months
Brand PolarSeaFood

PolarSeaFood block turbot

Turbot fillets in blocks - saving time and effort for any housewife

Block frozen turbot from POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA simplifies cooking of any fish dish for every housewife. Such fillet is ready for cooking immidiately after defrosting. It can be used for the preparation of both entrees and second dishes. The meat will remain tasty and nutricious no matter which cooking method you prefer.

Turbot fillets in blocks preserve all the useful properties

Turbot meat is rich in amino acids, and thus is recommended for the prevention of heart and blood vessels disease. Turbot ingredients also help improve the human brain activity, so it is recommended children ration.

Did you know that ...

Turbot - is the collective name of several species of flatfish family living in the North Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. Turbot lives at depths up to 700 meters.