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Fish fillet by blocks

Fish fillet by blocks

PolarSeaFood block fish fillets

Block fish fillets - universal product for cooking your favorite dishes

Frozen fish fillets block from one of the market leaders POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA - is a high-quality and environmentally friendly food fully prepared for cooking. Fillets frozen using special modern methods retains its nutritional quality throughout the storage period.

You can purchase:

  • block turbot fillets;
  • block halibut fillets;

Fish fillets in blocks can be considered one of the best product for the preparation of a wide range of fish dishes. Meat fish can be used for cooking immediately after defrosting. Block fillets can be used for making fried, boiled and pickled fish dishes.

Did you know that ...

Fish meat frozen using dry method preserves all existing elements and vitamins in contains for several years . At the same moment - refreezing the fillets is highly unrecommended, as it causes the product to loose culinary properties.