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Polar Seafood Rush - production and supply of frozen seafood

Dear visitors! Company "POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA" welcomes you on our website. This website is devoted to sales of seafood and fish of highest quality. We appreciate your consideration and hope that you will become one of our grateful customers.

Our company delivers:

  • shrimp
  • sea delicacies
  • fish steaks
  • fish fillets
  • block fish fillet
  • products from surimi
  • fish semi-finished products
  • frozen vegetables
  • frozen berries

Креветки ПоларРыба Поларягоды Полар 

Seafood sale is an important part of our business , but we are primarily engaged in manufacturing . Responsible , meticulously controlled production, which will yield excellent seafood you can buy on our website.

We are engaged in wholesale and retail trade providing reasonable conditions for both one-time customers and business partners .

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Consumers and companies - purchasers

Seafood we offer is of finest quality . Fresh and processed using modern equipment, our frozen seafood will be a worthy components for your favorite dishes .